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Monday, August 13, 2012

Malaysia was ranked 10 among the most lazy?

What criteria for assessing a country that lazy? I myself also not sure why Malaysia was ranked 10 in the World as one of the country who are lazy. Do our people lazy? In my opinion, if Malaysia is ranked 10th as one of the lazy, the people of malaysia has never been illegal immigrants to seek employment in foreign countries. malaysia people also have the attitude and skills to work in their own country, and there are also people malaysia successful in foreign countries. Do lazy people malaysia? No doubt, in any country in the world are clearly people who are unemployed and some are lazy. Are countries in the world no people who are lazy? Impossible as well. So whatever, but we as Malaysians who love this country, beyond the assessment of our country may be on their own assessment and evaluation. As long as we do not own is the most lazy person who is in our family. Just kidding. hehe ...

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